Best of the Valley

Triple Jims Juice

Triple Jims is a local juice making company that has been operating and located in the Fraser Valley for over 35 years. Started by the Jim “Triple Jim” Henderson in 1979 the company specializes in Organic Apple cider made with local BC grown organic apples and boasts a product list of 17 locally grown fruit flavours.

Triple Jims has always been a family owned and operated business and remains so to this day. In June of 2017 Triple Jims changed hands and Dawson and Jill Procee took over the juice making business. Nothing much has changed; we still make all our juices with lots of hands on care. Every bottle of juice is bottled by hand, hand capped and the label applied by hand.

All of Triple Jims fruit is locally grown either in the Fraser Valley or in the Okanagan and we are proud to have all of our Organic Juices certified by BCARA Organics. You can find Triple Jims products in your local Save-on Foods, Whole foods and many independent grocery stores around BC.

Anitas Organic Mill

For a good part of the year, our farmers are busy doing what farmers have always done, planting, nourishing, tending and growing the organic grains that go into the flours, cereals and mixes we create here at Anita’s Organic Mill. This is farming at pretty much its most honest and true; simple and traditional methods, sustainably practiced without chemicals, in order to produce grains that are wholesome, nutritious and safe. We partner with these farmers because they understand what we are all about, what we are striving for, what we are committed to. We are in this together. Our farmers consistently deliver the cleanest, freshest grains possible, direct to our mill in Chilliwack, BC.

Here, we mill it in small batches, fresh every day. It’s a slow and traditional process but, by keeping temperatures low and taking our time, we keep the whole grain nutrition intact; whole grain goes in, whole grain nutrition comes out. Our sprouted grains and flours are created in the same careful manner using a state-of-the-art process that produces a truly remarkable product that many bakers have come to love and use exclusively.

This care and attention to detail is for a purpose. We can honestly say that our grains, flours and cereals not only taste better for it, they are also more nutritious and perform better in your kitchen.

Sardis Bakery

Fresh bread delivered daily to Produce Gone Wild. Do you own a restaurant or have a special event coming up?

Contact Sardis Bakery with all your bread, cake and pastry needs; they specialize in wholesale and custom orders.

Heppell's Potato

Heppell’s has become more than a small business. At peak harvest time, the company employs approximately 70 people (full and part time) for growing, harvesting, grading, packaging and shipping. HPC’s farm produce is grown, washed, packed and then delivered to customers as more than 12,000 metric tons of potatoes, 450 tons of squash, 600 tons of pumpkins, 10,000 tons of corn silage and various other commodities as cover and land rotational crops. Over 80% of HPC crops are shipped within a 100-mile radius.

Heppell’s name is synonymous with quality for customers, as they know if it is Heppells it means farm fresh, quality.

BC Belgian endive

Van Eekelen Enterprises purchased the land for their Sumas Prairie location nestled between 2 majestic mountain ranges because of the fine micro-climate, and sandy soils that have proved to be excellent for the crops!

Many years later, they continue to fine-tune the farm by using modern farming practices including crop rotation, informed decisions, common sense, staying up to date with current and future technologies, a clean and professional farm, and healthy working environment for all employees!

You can get their beautiful Belgian Endive all year at PGW!

Van dam farms

Locally owned and operated, the fine folks at Van Dam Farms work hard to grow and harvest some of the most beautiful vegetables that PGW is proud to say carries during the season.

True north kettle corn

A family-run business located in Chilliwack, they offer a treat guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

Kettle Corn is a salty-sweet recipe that has existed since the days of Billy the Kid and the Ol' West. After a hard day's work, farmers and cowboys were known to throw rendered fat into a cast iron pot on the fire. When the fat was hot, they would add corn kernels and whatever sweetener they had (usually honey or molasses) and wait for the fun to begin!

Our product contains NO ADDITIVES, NO PRESERVATIVES AND NO BUTTER. It does not need it! Just four simple ingredients. The best NON-GMO corn kernels, canola oil, sugar & salt. It is a healthier choice as far as snacks go 🙂

the Back porch

Locally owned and operated, The Back Porch is in Agassiz, BC and offers fresh roasted coffee (beans and ground) that is available at PGW.

Clearbrook coffee company

Rooted in a passion for fine coffees, Clearbrook Coffee Company founders began roasting on a small scale in Abbotsford, BC. Initially started as a personal quest for excellence, demand for beans quickly grew beyond family and friends. Our hand-crafted coffee is now served throughout the Lower Mainland. Intent on pursuing excellence, Clearbrook Coffee’s introduction into the market has been gradual – with a focus on presenting the finest Artisan Coffee to market.

Time has been spent under the tutelage of elite master roasters in the industry to guarantee the highest quality in roasting, blending, and sourcing beans. Currently, Clearbrook Coffee purchases beans from some of the most prestigious coffee brokers in the business. Located in the Pacific Northwest, they are committed to sourcing high quality beans from farms with good, sustainable farming practices. As the company grows, Clearbrook Coffee endeavours to develop relationships directly with the coffee farmers.

Clearbrook Coffee is a member of SCAA Specialty Coffee Association Of America, and each of our hand-crafted coffees is chosen for its exceptional quality and taste. While most of our current offerings are Fair Trade and Organic, we also offer some exceptional direct trade coffees. Each origin is roasted in small batches and is cupped to ensure quality. Locally produced in the Fraser Valley, Clearbrook Coffee Company is committed to fresh outstanding tasting coffee.

Smits and cow

We have been committed to providing our customers with quality dairy products since 2010 and focus on keeping our farm small, family owned and operated and low stress for our animals. Cow’s and Goat’s Milk Gouda is made using milk from our own cows and a local goat herd. No colours or preservatives added. Cows are pastured from April – October. Goats are pastured year-round. You can find Smits cheese at PGW!

ferment 4 health

This may sound weird to some people, but the folks at Ferment 4 Health love their sauerkraut. They eat it every day.

Here is their story: At the time I worked on an organic dairy farm in beautiful Chilliwack, BC Canada. Churning butter and making yogurt were two of my many tasks. Then one day my friend on the farm asked if I would like to take a small sauerkraut course with her in Vancouver. Well, that is when it all began. My first batch of sauerkraut was so delicious, I could not get enough. I shared it with my friends on the farm and they also loved it. In the meantime, I did some research on raw fermented sauerkraut and discovered that it's very healthy and naturally loaded with probiotics and other beneficial enzymes that are great for gut health. We decided at that point that we would sell it at farmers markets. Customers would taste the sample and rave about how good it tasted.

So, our sauerkraut business was born.

We make our sauerkraut without whey, sugar or vinegar added. We only add enough salt to assist in the fermentation process. We process it raw and do not heat it. This way it maintains all the raw goodness loaded with healthy enzymes and probiotics.

birchwood dairy

Birchwood Dairy Farm is a combination dairy farm, processing plant, country store and Ice Cream Parlor. The farm has 220 acres of land where they milk approximately 120 cows and have close to 140 young stock. Enough hay and silage is grown on the farm to feed the happy cows all year long. You can find Birchwood Dairy milk at PGW!

klaassen farms

Family owned blueberry farm offering delicious blueberries grown locally in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Our family has been farming for over 20 years, and with over 90 acres of blueberries we are dedicated to growing great tasting blueberries at an affordable price. Our goal is to grow and produce natural and flavoursome blueberries and we do this by focusing on sustainable farming. We use all natural and nontoxic products on our blueberries in order to provide our customers with nutritious, fresh and frozen blueberries throughout the year. By using a nontoxic spray and only spraying when absolutely necessary our blueberries are safe to eat right from the field.

j & e egg farm

J & E Egg Farm is a certified organic free-range farm nestled in the mountains in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. Bringing you farm fresh, local, organic eggs you can feel good about. You can find these organic eggs at PGW!

hope organic planting ltd.

Providing PGW with local organic microgreens which include pea shoots, sunflower sprouts and radish sprouts. Organic Culinary Herbs, Basil, Tarragon, Oregano Rosemary, Thyme, Coriander, Parsley…

Fairfield flowers

Fairfield Flowers is a Florist that specializes in creating beautiful hand tied bouquets made from local Fraser Valley and BC grown flowers to brighten your homes. Heidi works with the growers to supply the freshest flowers possible so that the consumer will have a long lasting bouquet.

Pristine foods

Pristine Foods started out in 2011 as a seasonal farm that grew a wide range of spray-free soil grown vegetables for the local farmers markets in Chilliwack and Agassiz. Shortly afterwards, we started supplying a local restaurant, and quickly noticed that lettuce was a major ingredient that we could compete with in terms of freshness, quality and flavour. However, we found field production of lettuce to be inconsistent and unpredictable at best and began looking for ways to solve this. As a result, we currently specialize in protected cultivation of hydroponic specialty lettuce. We have also continued growing different vegetables, such as cherry and beef tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, peppers, cucumbers and much more. Since we are always trying out new varieties, look out for cool products like purple cauliflower and yellow tomatoes!